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Why LEGACY Global Sports Tours?

LEGACY Global Sports Tours specializes in sports tours and travel throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. We offer a wide variety of services which includes organizing a tailored sports tour for your specific needs. Players practice, compete against, and participate in fun activities with players from many different countries. Participants also tour their destination cities, taking in area attractions including museums, historic sites, and natural wonders. LEGACY Global Sports Tours goes the extra mile to make your tour a fantastic experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

LEGACY Global Sports Tours differentiates ourselves from our competition by knowing our product. We have built alliances with key European partners and have prescreened any and all events that our teams participate in. LEGACY Global Sports Tours realizes that groups of 30-40 persons cannot be forced into a pre-planned canned itinerary, that is why we work with group leaders to customize elements of the tour to make sure that all our groups get the experience they are looking for. 

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LEGACY uses a values-based leadership model to promote social responsibility to local and global communities.


  • Financial Stability
  • Customer Focus
  • Being the Best
  • Servant Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Making a Difference

Reasons to take part in a LEGACY Global Sports Tour...

  • To provide a lifetime international traveling experience!
  • To compete in an international tournament!
  • To train athletes in a new sports environment!
  • To become a top elite player for your country!
  • To develop team building and bonding!
  • To become a mature athlete!
  • To experience different cultures and languages!
  • To network new friends!

We provide

Great Sports Competition:
LEGACY Global Sports Tours KNOWS sports and unlike most tour companies we know international levels and teams VERY well. Many tour operators are great at tour planning but the sports experience is disappointing. Not with LEGACY Global Sports Tours! We will assure you great competition and the best overall tour experience. The key to a successful tour is great planning. We have representatives on site in our host countries to ensure that all details are taken care of.

Low Package Rates:
LEGACY Global Sports Tours has partnerships with major airlines and hotel chains to provide you with great rates and packages. With the combined annual travel of many teams every year we are in a position to get you and your team the most reasonably priced travel packages possible.

Custom & Accurate Itineraries:
LEGACY Global Sports Tours is experienced at developing custom, accurate, fun itineraries for sports teams. Your time abroad goes by quickly and it is critical that every minute of every day be planned. We even plan the free time. We will customize your package to your needs and wants.

Organized Tours of European Cities:
LEGACY Global Sports Tours is focused on making sure your team gets the most out of this cultural experience. From our experience, we know that a proper balance between learning about different cultures and having fun is CRITICAL when planning tours for teams.

Local Representative/Tour Guide:
LEGACY Global Sports Tours ensures that each team travelling abroad will have a local contact/tour guide to assist them with language barriers, any tour coordinations and other day to day needs.

Online Tour Registration and $ Collection (Optional):
LEGACY Global Sports Tours can handle all or some of the trip administration. We develop a webpage for your team so families can logon and register their child and attending family members. We ensure that they have all the proper documentation (passports), give all family members a package of useful information regarding the tour, collect their deposit and balances and coordinate any other tour administration needed for your team. We even assist with fundraising when needed.

Free Trip(s) For Coach Or Manager:
LEGACY Global Sports Tours thanks coaches and managers for their efforts and dedication and rewards either a coach or a manager with 1 free trip (full package). In the event that the team has a larger group or brings multiple teams on the same trip more free trips can be awarded. 

Build My Own Tour
Do you want a customized sports tour experience? LEGACY Global Sports Tours will work with you to build and deliver any sports tours package anywhere in the world. Fill out our short Build Your Tour form to get the conversation started.

Fully Accreditted Travel Agency

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We can provide the following services for your team's travel needs, be they international or domestic:

Vehicle Rental: From cars, to vans to trailers for equipment, we have access to the lowest-cost rentals.

Charter Bus: Whether you are looking for a luxury charter bus, or an economical solution, we can set up a simple airport to hotel transfer as well as daily service for the duration of your stay.

Airfare: From single bookings to groups of 50 or more, we can arrange all of your flight needs – both international and domestic; economy and first class, we will get the best available rate.

Hotel: We work with all hotel chains, local, overseas, and international. We ensure you receive the best discounts, and all of the accommodations you require. Want to make sure your team has breakfast included at their hotel, use of fitness facilities, access to the internet? We will look after all of the little details to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in having your team participate in our upcoming Tours please e-mail