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SHD Tours

SHD Tours

Our SHD Global teams are comprised of players from several countries, creating an international atmosphere from the ice and locker room to the dinner table and hotel.  We feel our SHD Global programs offer more than just a high-level of hockey, for not only players but also the families traveling with them.  Many of our players and families have built strong friendships that have grown stronger long after the tournaments.  Many have traveled internationally to play on friends' teams, attend hockey camps, and visit with families.  These friendships and invaluable cultural experiences can last a lifetime!

Team Tour Destination Event Tour Details
'06 SHD Stockholm, Sweden European Summer Series Click here
'07 SHD Stockholm, Sweden European Summer Series Click here
'08 SHD Stockholm, Sweden European Summer Series Click here


"My daughter had a great time with the SHD Global team.  What an experience for an Australian girl to play on a team with girls from USA, Sweden, Germany and Iceland!  For her, the best part was spending time with all the other girls both at the rink and sightseeing.  She still keeps in regular contact with them and hopes to meet up with them again."  

-  Bron, Australia


"My daughter gets up every morning and looks forward to the Snapchats from her international friends from her SHD Global team.  As a parent it makes me feel really good that she has stepped outside her comfort zone and played alongside kids from Japan, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Australia, etc....these opportunities don't come along often."  

-  Patrick, USA


"It was a memorable trip and a great experience, we really enjoyed it! An opportunity to play in a world select team, a great benefit for our daughter to play a lot of hockey with girls from many different countries, practice the English language, meeting new friends and tour cities together.  We made friends from all over the world and had the most amazing time together.  

-  Susanne, Sweden


"For girls of this age, or any age really, to have the opportunity to step outside their usual routine and narrow walls of day to day life is amazing. They come off the ice realizing hockey is its own international language that all players speak... it opens their minds and their view of themselves and the world around them.   Beyond the fantastic competition, the international experience is something that they will take with them always."  

-  Elizabeth, USA


“You will not be fluent in Russian, Italian, French, German, English, Norwegian, Swedish or not even Japanese...but your new friends will be.”

-  Bjorn, Sweden


For more information or questions regarding our SHD events please contact:

Jamie Hale

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Phone: 416.936.0624